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A&J Plumbing and Sewer Service is an Authorized Licensee for FORMADRAIN®.  

FORMADRAIN® is a 100% NO-DIG solution for repairing underground pipes. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe.

Before starting any repairs, an A&J technician will assesses the problem through video inspection with a small camera so he can pinpoint the exact location of the leak or block and determine the extent of it.

Depending on the findings, our technician may suggest lining the pipe with the FORMADRAIN® system which uses a fiberglass/epoxy composite material that is inserted directly into the existing pipe and cured in place. The liner will protect from root intrusion and water infiltration for more than 50 years.


The top ten reasons why FORMADRAIN® is the best system for you:*

  1. It’s Quick – The job can be completed in half a day
  2. No Digging- Unlike trenchless systems, there is no digging at all
  3. 100% Green – It’s nontoxic and completely odorless
  4. Multi-Purpose – It repairs cracks, roots, even missing sections of pipes
  5. Ready-to-Use – The restored pipe is ready to go in 45 minutes
  6. Long-Lasting – Scientific testing shows it will last 50 years
  7. It’s Resilient – No joints or weak points to cause it to break
  8. Saves You Money – Less manual labor means lower cost to you
  9. Convenient – Can be installed in any weather condition
  10. No Mess – The system leaves nothing behind


Watch this video from FORMADRAIN® to see how the system works.